We Are More Likely To Make Our Own Playlists

Another feature almost all Spotify users use is making playlists. Spotify even makes tailored playlists for individual listeners, called ‘Daily Mix’, using their most listened songs and genres. And they have an iconic yearly marketing campaign that promotes buy spotify followers playlists, using their users’ listening habit and playlist making skills.

From vinyls to cassettes to mp3 players, the way we access music is constantly changing. Today, instant music streaming services like Spotify are making it easier to find and access new music. No more searching for unknown artists in record shops, asking your friend group to learn about new tunes, buying music magazines or downloading full albums illegally on Limewire until you find something new you like. You don’t even need to search the web, and keep up with millions of different music publications.Spotify now dominates how we discover new music. So how has Spotify changed our listening habits? How did it become such a powerful tastemaker?