Things You Should Know About Some Prepaid Debit Cards

There are a lot of great reasons to use a prepaid debit card ranging from protecting your identity,Things You Should Know About Some Prepaid Debit Cards and Privacy Violations Articles securing activate rewardcard visa your money, and giving money as a gift to convenience.That prepaid debit cards are a bad idea because the truth is their a great idea, but there are a few things you should realize that differentiate a store bought prepaid debit card from a “mail in rebate” debit card .

The first thing you should realize is that although these cards are most likely made by the same companies that supply and fund the store bought cards, and they work exactly the same way, they lack one key component that the store bought card gives you that makes them valuable- Privacy and anonymity!

The thing about these debit cards you get when you send in a mail in rebate or that the cell phone companies send you to thank you for your purchase of their phone or cellular service and even the prepaid cards that you sign up for inside stores that are branded with the stores name, so you can save money on purchases or utilize features like cash back on purchases, is that all of these things require you to send in personal information such as your mailing address, your name, possibly your email address, telephone number, and birth date (age).

You may not be fully aware of it at the time but even if the card doesn’t have your name on it, it really in a sense does. Many companies realize that information is worth money, especially tracking consumer spending habits. The wealth of information you gave to get your mail in rebate just connected you to all the things you use that card to purchase.