How To Have The Most Epic Night Out In Athens

Athens has earned a reputation as a must-see destination for the globally minded. Justifiably so, as visitors have the opportunity to both bathe in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and catch a glimpse of the Parthenon perched upon the Acropolis. However, this vibrant city has another side that remains pistes athina undiscovered by many visitors: It’s one hell of a party town.

Nightlife makes up a sizable chunk of Greek culture, and as nights out are popular among locals of all ages, they make for a unique experience for foreigners if navigated with some expertise. This is a city where you never know where the night might take you, whether you’ll end up in the central neighborhood of Gazi or on the Athens Riviera, or at what time you’ll retire to bed. Regardless, local nightlife culture has a lot to offer each visitor, so before heading out, make sure you’ve prepared yourself for a night you won’t forget.Food is an absolute essential to start out any night. Souvlaki and gyros, the street foods considered the Greek equivalent of American burgers, are always the way to go if you’re looking to grab a bite. In the pedestrian streets of Monastiraki, it’s easy to say that coming across a souvlatzidiko (souvlaki shop) is as effortless as finding a souvenir shop, with many notable eateries such as Efcharis open until midnight. Wraps are available to-go, so you can devour your meal as you head to your next destination by foot through the heart of the historic district, known as Plaka.

Alternatively, there are local-centric shops in the suburbs that bustle with people until the middle of the night, where competition is fierce to win over a customer base that is already well-acquainted with Greek cuisine. When it comes to dining in the true Greek manner, staying outside of the city center offers the advantage of joints catering to Athenians rather than the tourist set. The town of Holargos, a mere 15 minutes away on the metro, is packed with high-quality restaurants that locals swear by, such as Melitini and Cook&Grill, which sell both street food and traditional home-style meals.