Helping New Parents And Infants Transition

Of all the research done on childcare and early childhood education you’d think someone would do studies on the fear that make couples looney in the head after they become parents.The biggest thing for a new parent is fear. Fear of what they would do if anything night nurse for infant happened to their little Johnny or little Sue.This advice was given to them by their loving and caring family, friends, experts and professionals that never had a child. Truly all of that wonderful advice was meant to help the new parents, but it set off a stampede of stuff inside of them even they didn’t know they had.

So for three months they are homebound with their new baby while entertaining their family and friends, hearing all of the protection laws for the infant from grandparents, aunts and uncles, godparents and admirers while the parnts forgetting they have a world of other living awaiting them when they come up for air.

When they do come up for air to breath back into the rest of living they are confronted with questions that begin to shake the fabric of their existance.So now where are they?They have read all the books on how to care for their baby, how to teach, exercise, feed and love their baby.What not to let others do or not do around the baby and all the wonderful advice from the family and best friends and experts.