Get Longer Lashes Naturally From These Eyelash Growth Tips

Wishing you had longer eyelashes? Every woman desires beautiful, long eyelashes and is willing to try almost anything to achieve just that. Although there are several eyelash lash adhesive enhancing products on the market there are several ways that you can get longer lashes naturally.Enhancing your eyelashes can drastically improve the appearance of your face. Several products and mascaras have been introduced that make lashes look longer. Although these products are effective many women are wanting more – longer, thicker eyelashes. Because the demand is so high, several eyelash enhancing serums have been introduced to the market. Now is a perfect time to enhance your lashes because several of these products are offering a free trial. Before you decide to try a serum, check out these eyelash growth tips.

Some women report success using only vaseline or olive oil. Apply these lubricants to your eyelashes at night and rinse them off in the morning. Do this every night for two weeks and if you do not notice longer, thicker eyelashes then you may want to try a different technique.For a temporary fix, you could apply fake eyelashes. Many celebrities use fake eyelashes to make their eyelashes look longer. Be careful not to apply large amounts of eyelash glue as it will pull out several lashes at a time when you take it off. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions when applying fake eyelashes.

There are several eyelash makeup tricks than can give the illusion of longer, thicker eyelashes. First, use an eyelash curler. Curled eyelashes give the appearance of longer, fuller eyelashes. Upturned lashes are also associated with youth and can really brighten your eyes. Second, apply eyeliner close to your lash line. Choose an eyeliner color that is darker than your natural lash color. You are trying to create the illusion that there is more hair at the roots of your lashes. Also, extend the line at the outer corners of your eyes to make your lashes look longer.